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Stand By/Captive Power Diesel Generation

Any generator set used for emergency or primary source must have periodic service and maintenance performed. 

Captive Power generation is the most eminent aspect of any building. Managing the Backup power remains one of the core competencies of Nimbus Harbor. Diesel Generators of any make or model are maintained and operated with highest level of attention to detail and routine monitoring allows little chances of failure.

Setting up a planned maintenance schedule and performing all associated testing will ensure generator availability upon demand. Possibilities of generator failure increase when service and maintenance checks are not performed.

Planned maintenance can be defined as performing service, maintenance, inspections and testing on a generator set on a pre-determined schedule.

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We take pride in managing the power backup efficiently with great attention:

  • Installation and primary energisation monitoring and supervision.
  • Operational Parameter monitoring with detailed insights into cause – effect analysis
  • Efficient and safe operations
  • Regular efficiency monitoring with focus on improvement opportunities
  • Complete support in renewal of the No objection Certificate for Operations/energisation of Diesel Generators
  • Preventive Maintenance Planning and execution through Authorized Service Providers
  • Service Quality evaluation and Assurance
  • Monitoring the routine maintenance requirements and recommending the effective strategy to deal with immediate maintenance needs
  • Pollution levels monitoring through stack emission tests, Noise level tests and recommendations on reduction in the emission levels
  • Consent to operate and Electrical No Objection Certificate – renewal support

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