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Airport Services

Around the world, Airports face new and ever-changing challenges including a need for strengthened security, increased operational efficiency and improved passenger experience.

It’s our job to make your passengers’ experience an enjoyable one. From cleaning and security to building management, we take care of everything with our total facilities management approach. Our services include:
  • Airport terminal and specialist cleaning
  • Washroom and hygiene services
  • Building management, including energy management and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning services
  • Ground maintenance, including gritting and landscaping
  • Security services, including baggage screening, car park management and queue management
  • Passenger assistance

Nimbus Harbor Facilities Management 

A Better Services

1. Environmental Services with state of art high end machines which includes Washroom cleaning, all high foot fall area ie, Arrival and departure , carpet care, outer area adjacent to terminal building etc.

2. Façade cleaning services with highly qualified trained personnel. The services includes operation and maintenance of high rise boom lift scissor/hydraulic lifts etc.

3. Passengers assistance by highly qualified and trained help desk team.

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We are using best quality tools by which we can easily finish the work at low cost with high quality.

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