safety of patients and the building premises

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Hospital Management Service

Hospital Mgmt. services play a critical role within the healthcare environment, directly impacting the patient experience and enabling the efficient provision of clinical care.

We offers hospitals a chance to reduce costs and to increase quality, process sequences, employee motivation and customer satisfaction.We offering an integrated innovative approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting the buildings and infrastructure of an health organisation in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objectives of that organisation.

Daily cleaning services to the clinical wards, hospital offices, common areas, call rooms, car parks and outdoor areas

Nimbus Harbor Facilities Management

Impact on outcomes

Efficient hospital management services ensures the safety of patients and the building premises. ]

We focus on providing patient-centred care that is responsive to cultural, technological and business process changes in the health sector. Our service delivery is integrated, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Our unique combination of environmental services (housekeeping, bio-cleaning of patient rooms and operating rooms) and support services (laundry services, patient interactive systems and transport services) contribute to enhancing the reliability, hygiene, safety and comfort of healthcare environments, ultimately leading to wider health outcomes.

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