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Engg. & Project Mgmt. Services
STP / ETP & Water Management

Water Supply, Complex Plumbing Systems and Sewage treatment are backbone of site operations.

Nimbus Harbor has the ability to manage the water flow in the system effectively and with negligible breakdowns.

  • Effective Water Consumption Analysis with routine monitoring of water source supply and cutting down wastages
  • Water Storage analysis and ensuring adequate water availability 24X7
  • Exigency Planning and adequacy analysis of existing water storage capabilities
  • Water Treatment Management
    • Equipment operations and maintenance Management
    • Planned Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
    • Adequacy analysis and raising holdups in system
    • Basic in house water testing for TDS and PH Levels

Nimbus Harbor Facilities Management

A better Management

Complete Plumbing Support for managing the water supply network and rectification of breakdowns in minimum time

  • End Customer Support by exact fault location and expert suggestions on rectification.
  • Sewage treatment Management
    • Adequacy and standardisation management
    • Sewage Inlet and treated water out monitoring and perusal of the efficient plant operations
    • Routine Plant Operational Logs with detailed technical parameter recording
    • Water Quality Analysis and system operational quality monitoring
  • Consent to Operate renewal consultancy
  • Online Monitoring System Installation Consultancy:
    • Vendor Selection
    • Cost and Technical Comparison and evaluation
    • Work Execution Monitoring
    • Work Completion Evaluation and quality assurance

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