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Pest Eradication & Horticulture
Pest Eradication Services

We offers both residential and commercial pest control services. We always care about the pest infestation issues of our Clients.

We are experts in pest control treatment. you can sit back and relax while we take good care of the safety and the protection of your home from pests. We make use of elaborate and cost-effective treatment systems to help our clients get rid of household pests. However, we refrain from the use of harsh and strong chemicals. We have huge experience when it comes to managing or control pest infestation with a major emphasis on complete customer satisfaction.

Our Team of experts are dedicated in creating a perfect environment in your house and provide cost effective services. The problems caused by these insects are much irritating and these pests are the basic reason behind various health issues.

Nimbus Harbor Facilities Management

Need of safe pest control methods

Our professional pest control services can help to exterminate and remove most pesky pests.

  • Pest Control requirement identification and planning of frequency of deployment of Spray, Fumigation and/or other rodent controllers
  • Custom Made Service delivery program flexible to the location, temperature and ambiance requirement.
  • dentification of breeding areas and taking corrective steps to curb the growth of the pest and rodents. Ion of breeding areas and taking corrective steps to curb the growth of the pest and rodents.

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