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Engg. & Project Mgmt. Services
HVAC Management

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems are the most apposite systems that ensure the operations comfort and improved efficiency of the Work Force.

A Comfortable environment means a surge in productivity of the individuals.

At Nimbus Harbor we deal in all kinds of Heating, ventilation and Air-conditioning requirements of our patrons from basic operations to complex efficiency monitoring and improvement consultancy.

  • System Snag identification and resolution suggestions
  • System Operation monitoring and Standardised Operations Practices with routine log maintenance for day to day operation monitoring
  • Energy Efficient Operations with detailed emphasis on regularization of operation activities
  • Maintenance of Low Side equipment with high end cleaning machinery and tools

Nimbus Harbor Facilities Management

A Comfortable Environment

  • Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units efficiency Monitoring and Corrective action management
  • Chiller Plant Efficiency Monitoring and recommendations on maintenance requirements
  • Pumps efficient Operations and maintenance management
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume and Flow Unit Basic Maintenance execution and major breakdown support through specialised vendors
  • Split Unit Maintenance with state of art maintenance equipment
  • Ventilation requirement analysis and recommendations on technical and commercial aspect:
    • Vendor Recommendations
    • Commercial and Technical Evaluation of scope of work
    • Cost Comparisons and negotiations
    • Vendor Finalization and monitoring work executions
    • Work Completion result evaluation and quality assurance

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