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Façade Cleaning

Your building is your business card, so you want it to look attractive and presentable, inside and out. Dirt on your windows will give your organisation a less good appearance.

Façade cleaning services of the skyscrapers are undertaken by our Team through trolleys or spider man. We ensure the safety of our Team and our Clients as well. For that we insure our complete manpower (through personnel accidental insurance) and third party loss (public liability insurance) to prevent any kind of damage or loss.

A professional commercial glass / window washing, building soft washing and high pressure cleaning promising a sparkling finish every time with 16+ years experience working in the industry. We do the glass cleaning ourselves and take personal care to ensure that all your window frames, glass and surfaces are left spotless.

16+ Years Experience

Necessities of Façade Cleaning

Nimbus Harbor specializes in residential buildings, commercial businesses, schools and medical facility premises glass cleaning.

  • Clean & Fresh Look: In general, the appearance of a building first comes to mind before we put our best foot forward and therefore, a clean exterior attracts more than a dirty one.
  • Preservation From Impairment: Apart from cleaning of the exterior façade , it is also necessary to review the condition of a masonry substrate when the facade is covered in stain or a coating.

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We are using best quality tools by which we can easily finish the work at low cost with high quality.

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